Divine Orgasm: How to Make Love to a God/dess

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

With the right intention, you can bring ANYTHING to bed with you.

From natural elements such as water or fire to deities such as Athena or Lakshmi, if you can connect to something on a deep, energetic level you can make love to it.

Sex is an inherently energetic experience (check out my article here for more on sexual energy) and incorporating additional flavors of energy is a natural fit. Bringing a new energetic signature or essence into a sexual episode launches you into a whole new realm of experience and pleasure.

This is particularly potent with god/desses. Depending on your theological perspective this may be a bit uncomfortable or confusing, so allow me to explain.

Despite what common discourse may imply, there are MANY interpretations of the Divine out there. Thinking of deities literally, such as God as a Man in the sky or pantheons as out-dated ways to explain natural phenomenon, is only one way to think about a very deep and nuanced concept.

In my book, deities are anthropomorphizations (something we project human-like qualities onto) of somewhat abstract concepts that touch our lives. It’s hard to connect to these things in an emotional way so when wrestling with things as important and amorphous as the results of a hunt or the whether or not it will rain, humans tend to put a face on it.

Cultures tend to create deities (or deity-like beings such as saints) to deal with the areas of the world that are important to them. Fishing cultures will probably have gods of the wind, sea, and fish. Hunting cultures will probably have gods of the hunt, forest, and new birth. If Western society was a bit more spiritually adept, it would probably have gods of traffic, bureaucracy, and technology.

Thinking of deities in this way, rather than fixating on whether or not they are literally real, opens up a whole world of ritual, prayer, and spiritual experience.

Connecting with energetic qualities while simultaneously engaging your sexuality is a powerful experience that has a very different flavor than any other sexual act. It brings out a type of raw, primal juiciness that you just can’t find anywhere else.

If you want to try it for yourself, here is the process.

  1. Meditate on the god/dess or entity you want to work with. It can be as anthropomorphized as Zeus or as abstract as the element of fire. You are welcome to incorporate prayer or ritual if that feels appropriate to you.

  2. Once you have meditated a while and feel connected energetically, notice the subtle sensations you feel in your body. If you have been meditating on fire you may feel energized and a tingly, flame-like sensation in your muscles. If you have been meditating on Zeus you may feel powerful and electric, with your posture straightening.

  3. Begin to self-pleasure while staying connected to the sensations created by your meditation.

  4. Optional: Fantasize about the god/dess or entity you are working with. Imagine yourself making love with them in whatever way turns you on the most.

Bringing deities into your life and into your bed is a powerful way of connecting energetically with the world around you. Just as with the rest of life, it’s all about the perspective you choose, and practices like these can transform your world from one coincidence to one of miracles. Try Incorporating a deity into your sex life and see what happens.

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