How to Have an Energy Orgasm

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash


You can orgasm through any part of your body... without even being touched.

Though similar in concept, it feels different than a traditional physical orgasm. It’s like a build-up of subtle, glittery tingles that grows and grows. It could be in your pelvis but, at more advanced levels, it can be anywhere. As you breathe, these glittery tingles expand and expand and expand, slowly overwhelming your brain like a delicious drug. 

Most of us understand orgasm as the release of built-up sexual sensation and pleasure. However, orgasm is really the release of any built-up sensation: Including the subtle sensation of energy.

In the communities that work with the energy body (sometimes referred to as the subtle body), there are many varying descriptions of what it literally is. Some say it’s electromagnetic energy. Some say it’s the electric spark between synapses. Some say its a phenomenon that isn’t adequately described in science at all. Some say it is purely a psychological phenomenon, a placebo. Others have a different explanation entirely.

Though there isn’t a consensus of what it literally is (most scientists aren’t into testing that sort of thing) it is frequently described in very similar terms: a subtle feeling of warmth, coolness, tingles, or slight pressure that can move according to your focus. Each person experiences it slightly differently, but all descriptions point to a subtle, but very real, sensation inside the body. 

When this energy has a sexual flavor, I consider it the same as that “spark”, “chemistry”, or “turn-on” that you can sense between people that are attracted to each other (or that have “big dick energy.”)

Because subtle energy isn’t something really emphasized in Western society, if you’re a total beginner, it might take some practice to get the hang of. It takes time to develop an awareness of the energy in your system, and learn how to move and expand it at will.

For some, it takes just a practice or two. Others it takes dedicated work for several weeks to develop the sensitivity. However, once you have it you can use it for things such as honing your intuition, learning different healing modalities, awakening kundalini*, and… having an energy orgasm.

Keep in mind that energy orgasms have a very different flavor than a physical orgasm. Rather than being ripped apart or completely consumed by waves of pleasure, it’s like your very consciousness gets turned into glittery bubbles. Instead of fireworks, you get a blissful overflow of subtle pleasure.

This technique is especially useful for those who have difficulty with physical orgasm or are pre-orgasmic.* Instead of putting an insane amount of pressure on yourself to come in the traditional way, you can just let yourself melt into the energetic quality of the pleasure without judging your experience. 

Not only will this allow you to have an orgasmic or peak of pleasure regardless of your physical state, regularly enjoying energy orgasms rewires your brain to orgasm more easily and powerfully. In fact, energy orgasms were my “gateway drug” for g-spot orgasms, cervical orgasms, breast-gasms, and more!

By focusing on your pleasure, energetic or otherwise, time and time again you strengthen the neuronal pathways that cause orgasm. Over time, you’ll develop a greater and greater capacity for melt-your-face-off orgasms of any variety.

Many people report having spontaneous energy orgasms, especially in the heart. However, here are the steps you can take to have an energy orgasm consciously.

  1. Decide where you want to have an energy orgasm. Heart or third-eye is easiest for beginners, but you can experience it literally anywhere you want.

  2. Focus on your pelvis. Notice the natural tingling sexual energy there. If it feels numb, gently rock your hips back and forth to bring blood and attention to the area.

  3. Connect your breath with this sexual energy, imagining that it’s a fire that glitters brighter and brighter as you focus and breathe. You are welcome to move your body or touch yourself if it helps, but it’s not necessary. Notice the pleasure start to build.

  4. Once you get to a level 3 of pleasure (where 0 is totally bored and not turned on and 10 is an orgasm) imagine pulling the energy from your pelvis with the inhale and depositing it in your chosen spot with the exhale.

  5. Continue breathing, consciously inhaling your sexual energy into the spot of your choice.

It takes practice but is well worth it! It’s a beautiful way to connect with yourself sexually without the physical touch your body’s used to. By training yourself to orgasm from even the most subtle of pleasure, you’ll become an exquisite lover during whatever sexual adventures the Universe throws at you.

*ALL people are orgasmic, but some people haven’t quite mastered the tools necessary to get there or need to do sexual healing work first. I call this being pre-orgasmic.

*Profound spiritual awakening

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