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Sex as Sanctuary

When you treat sex as a sanctuary it becomes more than just periodic release. All emotions and experiences can be welcome there. Anger, sadness, joy, grief, tears, laughter… all have a place in the bedroom.

When you allow your emotions to manifest physically, they flow through you. They don’t stagnate in your heart and affect your life. The limits to your healing and growth are defined by the limits of what you let yourself feel. By surrendering deeply to your feelings, you develop the capacity to heal yourself from whatever comes your way.

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Organic Sex: 3 Ingredients to All-Natural Pleasure

It can be fun to incorporate toys and other outside elements, but they are by no means essential. There are many ways to enhance your sexual experience that are totally free and have no side-effects.

You were born with everything that you need for incredibly amazing sex. There are of course many components to this, so I’ve broken it down into a handful of key ingredients. This article will introduce just three.

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The Ultimate Cockblocker: Sexual Repression

Some of the experiences you had years ago might still be held in your body and show up during sex. Experiences like painful sex in your early encounters, shaming of your sexuality by religion, or being yelled at for masturbating as a child can color your sexual experience today. This is of course compounded for survivors of sexual assault. Just one moment of threatened sexual assault can hamper a person’s sexuality for years after.

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