guidance and support around

Sex, Love, and Relationships

I specialize in the spiritual side of sexuality. However, I have significant training and experience with most issues of the heart. If you have a specific situation you want help with, I will make a coaching package just for you.


Tap Into Your Own Wisdom

Traditional talk therapy isn’t always the answer. If you aren’t dealing with a diagnosable mental illness, you may need a different approach.

I coach with an innovative and collaborative methodology. By using a blend of powerful exercises and challenging conversation, I will help you find your answers to your problems.


Get Help “Figuring It Out”

It can be difficult to tackle “bedroom matters” on your own. As tempting as it is to rely on inexpensive/free resources such as books, Youtube, and empathetic friends, there is no replacement for the reflection and expertise of a professional.


I’m a Heartbreak Veteran

In addition to my intensive training, I have been through my fair share of heartbreaks, traumatic experiences, and rough patches.

Using the same techniques and perspectives I share with my clients, I reached an incredible level of healing. If I found a way through the hard stuff, you can too.


Simply Coaching

custom packages for sex, love, and relationships


With Simply Coaching You’ll Find…

Crystal clarity on your desires and the support you need to achieve them.

The ability to easily tap into the wisdom of your own soul on complex issues.

Profound, but gentle, healing of deep emotional wounds (even the ones that you’ve been carrying around for decades!)


Certified By the Best

I received my certification from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. This rigorous program is the gold-standard in sex, love, and relationship coaching and took over 600 hours to complete.

I opened up to a deep, emotional process and Michelle guided me through it with wisdom, intuition, and professionalism.

She created a very safe container that helped me have the transformation that I needed. For me, that is what makes a good coach.
— Sasha

Example sessions

Liberating the Family Dynamic

Creating an Ecology of Sexual Thriving

Self-Love Discovery

Holistic Sexual Training


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