Experience Orgasmic Spirituality

No relationship required

Meditation and yoga are amazing, but there’s another kind of spiritual exploration. Using Tantric techniques, old and new, you can use your sexuality to touch the Divine — with or without a partner.


Beyond the Kama Sutra

You may be curious about Tantric sex, but it’s pretty rare for both members of a couple to be interested.

For this reason, I almost exclusively use techniques modified for the individual practitioner.

In this case, it doesn’t take two to tango.

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A Modern Take on an Ancient Path

Tantra is a powerful spiritual tradition that focuses on finding the sacred in everything, even sex and death.

Though it has been modified to meet the needs of modern times, it is an incredibly effective, and pleasurable, way to transform yourself.


Pleasure as a Sacred Vehicle

By learning to feel and manipulate your sexual energy, you can use it to connect with the Universe in profound and beautiful ways such as chakra-gasms, sex magic, kundalini awakenings, and more.


Introducing my signature coaching package


The Tantric Selfie

3 months of making love to the universe

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Tantra Gives You…

Life-changing spiritual experiences in your body.

Training that puts you in the top 1% of lovers.

Profound self-love and deep compassion for others.

Kundalini awakenings and spiritual liberation.


Certified By the Best

I received my certification from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with a specialization in Tantric Sex. This rigorous program is the gold-standard in sex, love, and relationship coaching, requiring well over 600 hours to complete.

She helped me see what sexual thriving would even look like and showed me how I could create that for myself.
— Colleen


Want to Learn More?

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Your Itinerary

I tailor the process to each person, but here’s an example:

Week 1: Sensory Awakening to Presence

Week 2: Spiritual Pelvic Connection

Week 3: The Power of Innocence

Week 4: Sexual Energy Basics

Week 5: Discover the Divinity Within

Week 6: Chakra Lovemaking

Week 7: Nurture with the Goddess

Week 8: Claim Compassionate Power

Week 9: Sex and Spirit Alchemy

Week 10: Fertilize the Tree of Life

Michelle put me right at ease from our first conversation. She helped me see things I hadn’t been able to see before. I felt well cared for and am thankful to get to work with her.
— Kelly
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See How Deep This Rabbit Hole Goes…

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